St Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

Once again the streets of Galway were alive with a celebration of Irish identity, culture, pastimes and history! Many thanks to all who contributed!              See you all next year!

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Galway Judo Club : Galway Open

So for a change of pace I decided to shoot the Galway Open Judo competition hosted by Galway Judo Club! The seniors were well over by the time I got there, bu the kids were still in full flow! Enjoy :)

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Send a Message to RTÉ and Iona

So I hear tell that the controversy over the Iona/RTÉ payout is all a load of twitter generated fury. Funny that, because I decided to go out and see if I could find some flesh-and-blood people who would also have  a thing to say… and guess what, I did! Artwork in progress…..

Blackrock : Thirty Degrees and Sunny

Blackrock – Thirty Degrees and Sunny from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo. The July 2013 heatwave had the thermometers reaching unheard of heights and sent people scurrying for the cool waters of the Atlantic. Here’s a little slice of Galwegian Life!

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Connemara Road Trip!

My friend Funatsu came back to Ireland this week for a few days of sightseeing, so I decided a little tour of Connemara was in order! I borrowed a camera and some nice glass from Neil Warner and took Funatsu and Hannae on a whistle-stop tour!       Route info View Connemara Day Trip… Continue reading Connemara Road Trip!

For Savita : Never Again

Original file available for download at : (right-click and hit ‘Save As’) This is the hardest edit I’ve ever had to make. This video footage was recorded on the 17th of March 2011 as the Galway’s small Indian Community took part in the St Patrick’s Day Celebrations, and later as Ireland mourned the death… Continue reading For Savita : Never Again

Baboró 2012

Catch Me Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is the second-biggest arts festival in Galway behind the Galway Arts Festival. Each year thousands of children & adults are wowed by the theatre, dance, visual art and workshops hand picked by Festival Director Lali Morris. I developed the Baboró website and also voulnteer to produce Baboró… Continue reading Baboró 2012

Boxing Wallpaper

A little Olympic Boxing celebration – right-click and save to your machine or hit ‘save as wallpaper’.

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Bouzouki session in Barna Woods

A walk in Barna Woods turned into a Bouzouki/Photo session when Yui and I brought along our favourite instruments.  I went super-experimental with the light and shadow, then with some split toning in post-production.

A Very Roman Snowstorm

I was lucky enough to spend a very special weekend in Rome this year- when I was packing my bags there were warnings of severe weather on the news, and sure enough on my first full day in the Italian capital (during which I had a business meeting) the snow descended on the city.

Red Bull Cliff Diving on Inis Mór

Red Bull held the first Irish round of their Cliff Diving World Championships on the island of Inis Mór – I was invited along by the guys at Red Bull to capture some of the atmosphere!                  

Blackrock Divers

Blackrock Diving from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo. If the temperatures are anything to go by it would seem that Summer has arrived in Ireland. One of the principal Galwegian summer rituals is a swim at the diving board at Blackrock. One of the most popular municipal facilities (and probably the single most photographed object) in… Continue reading Blackrock Divers

Baboró TV

Baboró TV : Priceless from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo. Last year as part of the Baboró International Arts Festival for Children I produced Baboró TV! I single-handedly shot & produced one or two short videos for each day of the festival, here are the final videos! Mr and Mrs Sommerflügel + Sotton un’altra Luce from… Continue reading Baboró TV

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Fun Surf Session in Lachinch

Due to a lack of footrest I found myself with Lahinch on a GKC surf trip with no boat to paddle… fortunately I had my bases covered and brought along a waterproof cover for my SLR…. this was my first time trying out the camera cover and it worked out absolutely perfectly- I really love… Continue reading Fun Surf Session in Lachinch

Galway Canoe Polo League Finals 2012

Galway canoe Polo League came to a head in Leisureland last Saturday night, with 8 teams lining up to decide the final order… I was there to shoot some video & stills- these are the stills!    

St Patrick’s Day 2012 in Galway

Every St Patrick’s day there is a parade that aims to show a cross section of Galway life and society- and this year was no different! Thousands of people marched and celebrated the diversity and nature of Irish life, culture and sport whilst being cheered on by thousands more.    

Galwayfest 2012

Galwayfest 2012 was a Kayak Freestyle & Whitewater Boatercross competition based in Galway… I caught the action on Sunday on the Boluisce river in Spideal.


All my b3ta posts from back in the day in one place….

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rewind | 2011

I decided to make a review video of my year 2011 – it turned out to be a much tougher and more arduous process than I first thought- I went through thousands of clips to condense everything into one three minute video. I’d like to thank everyone who tolerated my constant ducking behind a lens… Continue reading rewind | 2011

Winter Woods

I went for a walk in Barna Woods with my flatmate Yui…. with the late afternoon light it turned into a photo session using the trees as the backdrop.

Digital Diary of Italy

Video : Seven days in Basilicata In September I was invited to spend a week in Basilicata, Italy with six other bloggers and filmmakers from the USA, France, Netherlands, South Africa and Italy. We set out to record our impressions of the region and make our own films about the experience. Matera Our journey started… Continue reading Digital Diary of Italy

Sixty Seconds in the Soca Valley

In April 2010  a brave motley crew of paddlers from Galway Kayak Club set out into the wild got on a plane and sought out the treacherous incredible Soca Valley in Slovenia…. here’s a 60 second trailer for the upcoming documentary trilogy taster!

ISKA Streamstown Weekend 2011

Every year the Irish Sea Kayaking Association have a get-together at Streamstown near Clifden for a family-friendly weekend of sea kayaking, camping and fun. These are my shots from Saturday evening and Sunday.  

Freestyle on the Lower Corrib

Whenever the tide is low and the Corrib River is running high it forms a series of rapids near the end of Nimmo’s Pier- it’s a world-class freestyle spot that only appears a few times every year. This time, I was there.

Sunday Session at Tuam

Galway Kayak Club members down at the hole in Tuam; for more than one member this was their first time in a hole so it took a while to work up the courage :)

New Year Surfing

GKC take to the waves on the first day of 2011; Dermot Wall  and Colin Loan take advantage of the perfect conditions to show off.

Cold Snap 2010

The record breaking cold snap of December 2010 wasn’t without its perks… it provided more than a few photo ops… here are a few of my best images, starting off in the Maam Valley, heading back to my Apartment balcony, then on the way home to Tyrone via the train to Dublin & Belfast, and… Continue reading Cold Snap 2010

City of the Tribes Kayak Race 2010 : Video

The City of the Tribes Kayak Race happens every year around the start of September and usually attracts kayakers from all over the country and of all abilities and ages…. this year I made a video in place of stills- hope you enjoy it!

October Sun

Some video and stills taken this month in Knockmanny Forest in Co Tyrone with one clip from Barna Woods in Galway. Shot on the canon EOS 50D , edited in Premere and colour corrected/tweaked in After Effects and Colorista II. Music is The Artifact and Living – Michael Andrews