Blackrock Divers

Blackrock Diving from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

If the temperatures are anything to go by it would seem that Summer has arrived in Ireland. One of the principal Galwegian summer rituals is a swim at the diving board at Blackrock. One of the most popular municipal facilities (and probably the single most photographed object) in Galway, the diving tower hosts hundreds if not thousands of swimmers on days like these. I packed up my waterproof camera cover plus the Canon 550D and a Sigma 17-70 and finned my way into position using a pair of diving fins for extra maneuverability


rewind | 2011

I decided to make a review video of my year 2011 – it turned out to be a much tougher and more arduous process than I first thought- I went through thousands of clips to condense everything into one three minute video. I’d like to thank everyone who tolerated my constant ducking behind a lens this last year- I hope to do even bigger and better things in 2012!

Sixty Seconds in the Soca Valley

In April 2010  a brave motley crew of paddlers from Galway Kayak Club set out into the wild got on a plane and sought out the treacherous incredible Soca Valley in Slovenia…. here’s a 60 second trailer for the upcoming documentary trilogy taster!

December Diving


So it’s been two months since I got my diver’s licence, but I hadn’t used it yet. Nor did I get any good underwater pics yet. Time to rectify both those things! I went for a shore dive to 10 meters in the morning with my shiny new Canon Powershot D10, and took a few pics and videos on the way.  The second dive was beyond the camera’s waterproof rating, so I took no chances and left it behind on the boat while I went off with my Finnish dive buddy Nina, who was far too complimentary of my newbie ways. The weather was amazing, too- it was windy out, and only about 10 degrees but the winter sun had a blue sky to play with, making visiblity at depth pretty good for the conditions (maybe 8 meters).

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City of the Tribes 2009

City of the Tribes Kayak Race is held annually on the corrib river flowing through the heart of Galway City. This was the 11th year that the race has been held. I took to the water in my own kayak in an effort to capture the competitors as they competed in the 2, 10 and 15 kilometer courses.

Please note! These are the best of the images from the day- all of the (good) shots taken on the day are available to view & buy in my print shop!


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Bank Holiday Paddle


This is me paddling across the water at Grattan beach, on my way out to blackrock on June 1st. The pic was sent to me by Darragh Darcy from Galway Kayak Club

A long hot paddle but worth every stroke :)