Baboró 2012

Catch Me

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is the second-biggest arts festival in Galway behind the Galway Arts Festival. Each year thousands of children & adults are wowed by the theatre, dance, visual art and workshops hand picked by Festival Director Lali Morris. I developed the Baboró website and also voulnteer to produce Baboró TV for the team. These are some of the videos and photos I produced during the Festival this year.

Jason and the Argonauts

Children of the Black Skirt

Fun Surf Session in Lachinch

Due to a lack of footrest I found myself with Lahinch on a GKC surf trip with no boat to paddle… fortunately I had my bases covered and brought along a waterproof cover for my SLR…. this was my first time trying out the camera cover and it worked out absolutely perfectly- I really love these shots, hope you enjoy them!


St Patrick’s Day 2012 in Galway

Every St Patrick’s day there is a parade that aims to show a cross section of Galway life and society- and this year was no different! Thousands of people marched and celebrated the diversity and nature of Irish life, culture and sport whilst being cheered on by thousands more.



rewind | 2011

I decided to make a review video of my year 2011 – it turned out to be a much tougher and more arduous process than I first thought- I went through thousands of clips to condense everything into one three minute video. I’d like to thank everyone who tolerated my constant ducking behind a lens this last year- I hope to do even bigger and better things in 2012!

Camping on Inis Mór


I went to Inis Mór in May for some camping- my first time on Inis Mór, I’d gone to Inis Meain loads of times so it was time for a change :D


36 hours of self-sufficiency and shelter :)


A couple of people in a Curragh in Galway Bay



The Twelve Bens mountains in Connemara, seen from Inis Mór – these peaks are 40km away from where I am and are about to get a good soaking.





IMG_1204-EditJust after Sunset


Frozen North


While The West was flooded and The North frozen in November and December I remained sheltered in Galway City. My first bit of snow exposure this winter in at least 5 years came when I got stuck on the bus between Sligo and Eniskillen on the way home for Christmas…. fortunately we were rescued and made it home in time for Turkeyfest ’09. These were all taken just outside Ballgawley, Tyrone

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December Diving


So it’s been two months since I got my diver’s licence, but I hadn’t used it yet. Nor did I get any good underwater pics yet. Time to rectify both those things! I went for a shore dive to 10 meters in the morning with my shiny new Canon Powershot D10, and took a few pics and videos on the way.  The second dive was beyond the camera’s waterproof rating, so I took no chances and left it behind on the boat while I went off with my Finnish dive buddy Nina, who was far too complimentary of my newbie ways. The weather was amazing, too- it was windy out, and only about 10 degrees but the winter sun had a blue sky to play with, making visiblity at depth pretty good for the conditions (maybe 8 meters).

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A Week in Connemara : 2

Okay, so last night’s effort wasn’t bad, but I thought I could do better… there’s a road and a lake near Kylemore where the trees make a neat tunnel… I thought that being inside that tunnel would give the best effect, but it turns out I had a sunset on one side and the rising harvest moon on the other, so I was able to go to the lake shore and get something better. Hope you enjoy.





A Week in Connemara : 1

IMG_5486 as Smart Object-1

Okay, so I’m up in Scuba Dive West for the week doing the PADI open water divers’ couse… the course is going great (have managed not to drown, anyway!)…..  took this on Monday Night in Letterfrack, where I’m staying.