After Inis Mór


On my trip to Inis Meain I met a group of Japanese guys who were in Galway for the weekend doing some sightseeing! We went out to McDonagh’s on Sunday evening when I returned, and we went to McSwiggan’s for some food on the bank holiday Monday night.  This was taken in Eyre Square with my new 500D and the 50mm 1.8


Central Park Club

I just finished this promo piece for  Central Park in Galway ; I did the intro & outro anims; the 3d Architectural Previs was by All3d here in Galway. The 3d work was done using 3d Studio Max 9 and Vray, post-production was done using Adobe After Effects and a little bit of Photoshop.

GKC Beginner Courses


This is my poster for Galway Kayak Club who as you can see are now taking bookings for their beginners courses!
Signing up to the course and passing the exam gets you an ICU level 2 Certificate plus membership for the rest of the year. There’s no better way to start kayaking!

Frozen North


While The West was flooded and The North frozen in November and December I remained sheltered in Galway City. My first bit of snow exposure this winter in at least 5 years came when I got stuck on the bus between Sligo and Eniskillen on the way home for Christmas…. fortunately we were rescued and made it home in time for Turkeyfest ’09. These were all taken just outside Ballgawley, Tyrone

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December Diving


So it’s been two months since I got my diver’s licence, but I hadn’t used it yet. Nor did I get any good underwater pics yet. Time to rectify both those things! I went for a shore dive to 10 meters in the morning with my shiny new Canon Powershot D10, and took a few pics and videos on the way.  The second dive was beyond the camera’s waterproof rating, so I took no chances and left it behind on the boat while I went off with my Finnish dive buddy Nina, who was far too complimentary of my newbie ways. The weather was amazing, too- it was windy out, and only about 10 degrees but the winter sun had a blue sky to play with, making visiblity at depth pretty good for the conditions (maybe 8 meters).

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A Week in Connemara : 2

Okay, so last night’s effort wasn’t bad, but I thought I could do better… there’s a road and a lake near Kylemore where the trees make a neat tunnel… I thought that being inside that tunnel would give the best effect, but it turns out I had a sunset on one side and the rising harvest moon on the other, so I was able to go to the lake shore and get something better. Hope you enjoy.





A Week in Connemara : 1

IMG_5486 as Smart Object-1

Okay, so I’m up in Scuba Dive West for the week doing the PADI open water divers’ couse… the course is going great (have managed not to drown, anyway!)…..  took this on Monday Night in Letterfrack, where I’m staying.

City of the Tribes 2009

City of the Tribes Kayak Race is held annually on the corrib river flowing through the heart of Galway City. This was the 11th year that the race has been held. I took to the water in my own kayak in an effort to capture the competitors as they competed in the 2, 10 and 15 kilometer courses.

Please note! These are the best of the images from the day- all of the (good) shots taken on the day are available to view & buy in my print shop!


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Tokyo Nights in Bar 8, Galway

On 26th of August, Bar 8 in Galway had a Tokyo Nights theme night, complete with ParaPara dancers, some cosplay and lots of drinking!


The party in full swing


Asami and her friend




Candlelit Guinness


Artwork on the walls, installed for the theme night


Flyer for the night


Ponyo and her sister ;)


Kanako and Miyuki


Olive looking really cool


Funatsu and Kana

Bank Holiday Paddle


This is me paddling across the water at Grattan beach, on my way out to blackrock on June 1st. The pic was sent to me by Darragh Darcy from Galway Kayak Club

A long hot paddle but worth every stroke :)

Video Slideshows from Japanese Trip

I finally finished my Japan slideshows and presented them at Galway Camera Club. Here are the videos!

Japan : 1 : Flight from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Part 1 of my Japan trip- a few pics from over Siberia and Japan, then from Day 1 in Shinjuku

Japan : 2 : Tokyo Day from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Some Day Shots from my week in Tokyo

Japan : 3 : Tokyo Night from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Night Shots from my Japan trip – Tokyo Tower , Shinjuku and a bit of Harajuku

Japan : 4 : Kawaguchiko and Mt Fuji from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

At the start of my southward Journey I stopped off at Kawaguchiko for some R&R in a real Ryoukan and some Fuji Photography. I froze my *butt* off waiting around long enough for the clouds to clear at sunset

Japan : 5 : Kyoto and Nara from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Kyoto and Nara were my next stop, I spent four days in Kyoto and one in Nara, but was a bit unlucky with the weather…. still, I think I got some good shots out of it.

Japan : 6 : Miyajima from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Next stop was Hiroshima, but before seeing the center of Hiroshima, I decided to do Miyajima first… spectacular!

Japan : 7 : Hiroshima from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

I really enjoyed exploring Hiroshima, I wandered around the peace park and the riverside during the cherry blossom parties and just soaked in the atmosphere…

Japan : 8 : Nagasaki from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Only one evening in Nagasaki (on my way to Yakushima), so I spent it at the top of one of the surrounding mountains getting some night pics. Again, butt refrozen :D

Japan : 9 : Yakushima from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Japan : 10 : Okinawa from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

My final call before heading for Tokyo for final farewells to my friends.

Country of the Grand


This image was, as you’ve probably guessed, taken in Blackrock, Salthill. Taken at midnight against the rising moon, the shot (and the anonymous hooded swimmer) later went on to be feature on the cover of Country of the Grand, a book of short stories set in Galway and written by Gerard Donovan. You can buy it here!


Another shot taken against the early (3am) dawn on the same night, this time from the other side and featuring the silhouette of a very drunken reveller using his phone to try and get himself a lift home.