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St Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

Posted on Mar 17, 2014 by in All posts | 1 comment


Once again the streets of Galway were alive with a celebration of Irish identity, culture, pastimes and history! Many thanks to all who contributed!

IMG_6966IMG_7140 IMG_7198 IMG_7200 IMG_7210 IMG_7214 IMG_7224 IMG_7234 IMG_7246 IMG_7249 IMG_7254 IMG_7264 IMG_7269  IMG_7282 IMG_7289IMG_7055IMG_7062IMG_7064IMG_7065 IMG_7306 IMG_7314 IMG_7328IMG_7052 IMG_7332 IMG_7338 IMG_7360 IMG_7375  IMG_7382 IMG_7383 IMG_7386 IMG_7389 IMG_7390 IMG_7409 IMG_7443 IMG_7456 IMG_7460 IMG_7473 IMG_7491    IMG_7000 IMG_7005 IMG_7020 IMG_7021 IMG_7029  IMG_7067 IMG_7071  IMG_7079 IMG_7103 IMG_7105 IMG_7109 IMG_7116

See you all next year!

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  1. I actually spoke with two of the Jersey PD officers after the parade (not knowing they were in there ’cause I missed it) and they were the nicest cops I’ve spoken ever! Great to see all these pictures only a few days after too.

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