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The unusually warm weather we've been experiencing was today explained by a Met. Eireann official.  Due to the recession the summer has actually been secretly scheduled during the off-peak months of April and May to cut costs. The months of June-August will instead be filled with a cheap summer/autumn composite season bought as surplus from Spain, who stopped using it because it put the tourists off.  Tourists coming to Ireland from abroad for some reason seem to put up with and actually enjoy such weather, while Irish people will moan about the weather to matter what we’ve got, so it's really all the same to us.  Such tampering with the weather budget has wrought havoc in the past, however;     last November, the rain we bought from the U.S was measured in billions of gallons (not litres as was used in the calculations) resulting in a 4x oversupply that brought widespread flooding.  The cheap December/January winter special bought at auction from ebay.ru might have looked good on the seller page, but we really should have been given some warning before taking delivery of a blizzard the week before Christmas.  The spring weather failed to arrive due to complications at customs (they mistook ‘snow’ for a drugs reference and the transaction was ‘frozen’, so to speak) so we were left with nothing at all for much of Febrary and March. The lack of any actual weather was acutally a relief, as we needed to save the money in order to survive next winter.

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