Street Photography with an AE-1


After playing with the 5DMKII the other week I thought I’d go down to the other end of the tech scale and mess around with a Camera that is literally older than me – a 1982 Canon AE-1. I was fretting over exposure but although there’s some light leakage in places and sometimes the film didn’t advance properly I was very pleased when I got the prints back- these are some medium-res scans of some plain 6×4 prints.











For Savita : Never Again

Original file available for download at : (right-click and hit ‘Save As’)

This is the hardest edit I’ve ever had to make. This video footage was recorded on the 17th of March 2011 as the Galway’s small Indian Community took part in the St Patrick’s Day Celebrations, and later as Ireland mourned the death of Savita Halappanavar; an outstanding ambassador for her home country and someone who will be sorely missed.

Never again.

Savita in Galway (1)
Savita in Galway, shot by Christopher Tierney :
Savita in Galway (2)
Savita in Galway, shot by Christopher Tierney :
Savita in Galway (3)
Savita in Galway, shot by Christopher Tierney :
Savita in Galway (4)
Savita in Galway, shot by Christopher Tierney :
Savita in Galway (5)
Savita in Galway, shot by Christopher Tierney :
Savita in Galway (6)
Savita in Galway, shot by Christopher Tierney :
Savita in Galway (7)
Savita in Galway, shot by Christopher Tierney :

Baboró 2012

Catch Me

Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is the second-biggest arts festival in Galway behind the Galway Arts Festival. Each year thousands of children & adults are wowed by the theatre, dance, visual art and workshops hand picked by Festival Director Lali Morris. I developed the Baboró website and also voulnteer to produce Baboró TV for the team. These are some of the videos and photos I produced during the Festival this year.

Jason and the Argonauts

Children of the Black Skirt

Blackrock Divers

Blackrock Diving from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

If the temperatures are anything to go by it would seem that Summer has arrived in Ireland. One of the principal Galwegian summer rituals is a swim at the diving board at Blackrock. One of the most popular municipal facilities (and probably the single most photographed object) in Galway, the diving tower hosts hundreds if not thousands of swimmers on days like these. I packed up my waterproof camera cover plus the Canon 550D and a Sigma 17-70 and finned my way into position using a pair of diving fins for extra maneuverability


Baboró TV

Baboró TV : Priceless from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Last year as part of the Baboró International Arts Festival for Children I produced Baboró TV! I single-handedly shot & produced one or two short videos for each day of the festival, here are the final videos!

Mr and Mrs Sommerflügel + Sotton un’altra Luce from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Losha from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

On-Off from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

MISE Scéal Cailín from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Y’a un Lapin dans la Lune from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

Fun Surf Session in Lachinch

Due to a lack of footrest I found myself with Lahinch on a GKC surf trip with no boat to paddle… fortunately I had my bases covered and brought along a waterproof cover for my SLR…. this was my first time trying out the camera cover and it worked out absolutely perfectly- I really love these shots, hope you enjoy them!


rewind | 2011

I decided to make a review video of my year 2011 – it turned out to be a much tougher and more arduous process than I first thought- I went through thousands of clips to condense everything into one three minute video. I’d like to thank everyone who tolerated my constant ducking behind a lens this last year- I hope to do even bigger and better things in 2012!

Digital Diary of Italy

Video : Seven days in Basilicata

In September I was invited to spend a week in Basilicata, Italy with six other bloggers and filmmakers from the USA, France, Netherlands, South Africa and Italy. We set out to record our impressions of the region and make our own films about the experience.


Our journey started in Matera, where we were greeted warmly by the community who are rescuing the Sassi from abandomnent and ruin.

Matera seen from a cave across the gorge… this is 15s on the 10-20mm, with some LED glowsticks I brought from home for shots like this.

This is not a church! It’s one of a series of cisterns to which Matera and the Sassi owe their success- each cistern holds tens of millions of litres  and provided water in even the leanest times.

Opening night music!


Winemakers of Barile! We stopped in Barile to sample some wines and have a look at the centuries-old processes used in winemaking- we were given a look at some cantina, the cellars where the wine is matured in carefully controlled conditions.  The wine I sampled was still fresh, sweet and cloudy- the wines produced here are usually only consumed locally, so if you want to taste some you’d better get going!

San Fele

San Fele, where the locals are volunteering to build walks through the lush mountain valley.


 Pietrapertosa is famous for the Vollo del’angelo, a 120km/h, 400 meter high horizontal zipline that stretches across the valley. The food and hospitality were as spectacular as the views. This is a must-return part of the world for me!

Sunrise in Pietrapertosa


Locals are as proud of their traditions as anwyhere else in the world- oxen were a huge part of agriculture and remain part of village life.


Maratea is a stunning, bustling Mediterranean port town that is overlooked by tall mountains- this is a sunset captured as part of my timelapse sequence.

The Digital Diary crew! Mark, Hailegh, Erica and Caspar standing, then Chris (me!), Matthew and Luca sitting.




Craco is a ghost town abandoned since 1963 because of dangerous subsidence in the clay soil. I shot this still as part of a timelapse sequence.

Clay from mudslides creates an almost martian landscape near Craco. Part of a timelapse.



Cold Snap 2010


The record breaking cold snap of December 2010 wasn’t without its perks… it provided more than a few photo ops… here are a few of my best images, starting off in the Maam Valley, heading back to my Apartment balcony, then on the way home to Tyrone via the train to Dublin & Belfast, and from there to Tyrone.


Dawn over Galway Bay, shortly after 9am on Dec.21st 2010 : the solstice did not mean any improvement in the weather, but at least the days are slowly getting longer again.





Impassable roads meant that the train was the best way to travel home…. it might have been -8 outside but the inside of the carriage was toasty :)


Nice to look at  if you weren’t stuck in it :)


A quick dash for tyre air and a sandwich stop netted this view of Belfast


I headed down to Knockmanny forest for a few hours on Christmas Day, however the day was short and I didn’t get much…..


… that said, the stunning skyline made up for the shortness of the day.

Camping on Inis Mór


I went to Inis Mór in May for some camping- my first time on Inis Mór, I’d gone to Inis Meain loads of times so it was time for a change :D


36 hours of self-sufficiency and shelter :)


A couple of people in a Curragh in Galway Bay



The Twelve Bens mountains in Connemara, seen from Inis Mór – these peaks are 40km away from where I am and are about to get a good soaking.





IMG_1204-EditJust after Sunset