Above the Fog : More Snow Scenes


Everyone seems to be waiting for a thaw but I’m loving the snow. Day 3 in the tundra, this time out in Glencull, near Ballygawley. You can normally see the neighbouring towns of Augher, Clogher and Aughnacloy from up this high, but the fog in the valleys means there’s no chance of that this week.

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Frozen North


While The West was flooded and The North frozen in November and December I remained sheltered in Galway City. My first bit of snow exposure this winter in at least 5 years came when I got stuck on the bus between Sligo and Eniskillen on the way home for Christmas…. fortunately we were rescued and made it home in time for Turkeyfest ’09. These were all taken just outside Ballgawley, Tyrone

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December Diving


So it’s been two months since I got my diver’s licence, but I hadn’t used it yet. Nor did I get any good underwater pics yet. Time to rectify both those things! I went for a shore dive to 10 meters in the morning with my shiny new Canon Powershot D10, and took a few pics and videos on the way.  The second dive was beyond the camera’s waterproof rating, so I took no chances and left it behind on the boat while I went off with my Finnish dive buddy Nina, who was far too complimentary of my newbie ways. The weather was amazing, too- it was windy out, and only about 10 degrees but the winter sun had a blue sky to play with, making visiblity at depth pretty good for the conditions (maybe 8 meters).

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