Blackrock Divers

Blackrock Diving from Christopher Tierney on Vimeo.

If the temperatures are anything to go by it would seem that Summer has arrived in Ireland. One of the principal Galwegian summer rituals is a swim at the diving board at Blackrock. One of the most popular municipal facilities (and probably the single most photographed object) in Galway, the diving tower hosts hundreds if not thousands of swimmers on days like these. I packed up my waterproof camera cover plus the Canon 550D and a Sigma 17-70 and finned my way into position using a pair of diving fins for extra maneuverability


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10 thoughts on “Blackrock Divers”

  1. Love these. I took a few down by there too earlier in the year – when we had that hot weather during April. Got some really good ones, but I love how yours are taken from the water. Especially love the top one! :)

  2. sweet pictures. i was down there one of the days you were there. you were only taking videos at this time though.when do you think you’ll get them up.

  3. hey chris will u put up the picture from last week of a guy doing a dive over me doing a backflip should be cool would appreciate it greatly thanks.

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