City of the Tribes Kayak Race 2010 : Video

The City of the Tribes Kayak Race happens every year around the start of September and usually attracts kayakers from all over the country and of all abilities and ages…. this year I made a video in place of stills- hope you enjoy it!

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3 thoughts on “City of the Tribes Kayak Race 2010 : Video”

  1. Nice work Chris

    Thanks again for your support. Really nice images, capturing the majority of paddlers. Loved the slow-mo effect which turns the footage into a stroke masterclass…or not!! ….I also like the spread of images covering everyone from the fun race debutants to the speed merchants of the higher divisions. Given the bad weather on the day alot of credit must go to everyone who completed their particular course.

    Bet is was drafty under that bridge.

    See you in 2011.

    Jim & Sarah Morrissey (race organisers)

  2. Well done to all great to see all the action . Was that only the warm up or was it the race? Ahem

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