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Cold Snap 2010

Posted on Dec 29, 2010 by in All posts, Photoblog | 1 comment


The record breaking cold snap of December 2010 wasn’t without its perks… it provided more than a few photo ops… here are a few of my best images, starting off in the Maam Valley, heading back to my Apartment balcony, then on the way home to Tyrone via the train to Dublin & Belfast, and from there to Tyrone.


Dawn over Galway Bay, shortly after 9am on Dec.21st 2010 : the solstice did not mean any improvement in the weather, but at least the days are slowly getting longer again.





Impassable roads meant that the train was the best way to travel home…. it might have been -8 outside but the inside of the carriage was toasty :)


Nice to look at  if you weren’t stuck in it :)


A quick dash for tyre air and a sandwich stop netted this view of Belfast


I headed down to Knockmanny forest for a few hours on Christmas Day, however the day was short and I didn’t get much…..


… that said, the stunning skyline made up for the shortness of the day.

1 Comment

  1. After viewing your streamstown photos decided to check out more. Very impressed. Must chat with you at the next opportunity.