Kayak Intervarsities 2010 : Freestyle Rodeo


NUIG Kayak Club are hosting this year’s Irish Kayak Intervarsities, I tagged along to grab a few shots of the flatwater and freestyle rodeo. Tuam wasn’t working because of a lack of rain, so the rodeo was held out at Clifden. Enjoy!




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4 thoughts on “Kayak Intervarsities 2010 : Freestyle Rodeo”

  1. They look great! Did you get any more from later in the event? UL were second last to do it, they got some great tricks.

  2. Hi Alan,

    I took pics of more or less every competitor, but only the coolest pics make it onto the blog here. I might release a jumbo pack of pics with every shot from the varsities so people can sort through them themselves- it’ll be over 1gb though!

  3. That sounds great! I’ll be sure to grab it if you do release them :) We ended up having to go last (after UL!!!) and the girl on our team needed to head back to Cork, was still loads of fun though.

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